The practice is fully represented by its focus on hand drawing, ideation, the discipline of watercolour, participation, and inclusion of exhibitions. Additionally, the firm designs and works closely with metalsmiths to create custom decorative pieces and detailing.

art omi exhibition

For the “Single-Handedly: Contemporary Architects Draw by Hand” Exhibition at Art Omi in Ghent, NY, Anik’s watercolour of the Vaux de Vicomte gardens was included under the theme of “Study.”

decorative ironwork for salt gulch ranch

For the Salt Gulch Ranch project, Anik custom-designed metal building details, fixtures, and interior furnishings for fabrication by the client, a French Master Craftsman of Ornamental Ironwork.

pool house in amagansett

Watercolour renderings were made of a pool house during project planning, to help the client visualize different orientations of the structure and its pool in a landscaped garden.

unique metal staircase for house in watermill

This circular stair inside a tower in an addition to House in Watermill, was designed with metal and glass treads. Lighting integrated into each tread glow through the glass and illuminate the tower at night.

summer house in doha


arts & crafts elevations

Watercolour renderings of this Arts and Crafts townhouse illustrate how the replacement of a tall iron fence with a planted areaway with a low decorative railing transform the sidewalk and earned Anik Pearson Architect a Certificate of Appropriateness by the Landmarks Preservation Commission.

art by architects

For the Fourth Annual Art by Architects Exhibition benefitting the AIA Scholarship Fund, Anik’s pair of large format photographs On the LIRR were exhibited at the New York Center for Architecture.

beaux arts apartment primary bathroom

Watercolour renderings for the schematic design phase of the project illustrate two decorative schemes for the primary bathroom of an UWS Apartment, recreated in the American Beaux-Arts style.

greenwich apartment interior

Watercolour renderings illustrate two interior decoration schemes for this apartment in Greenwich Village during the preliminary design phase of the project.

boulder mesa house looking west

Watercolour renderings illustrate how the Boulder Mesa House fits low on the site and snuggly nestles into the slope and under the tree line, earning Anik Pearson Architect approval by the development’s Architectural Review Board.

perspectives of house in wingdale

To help the client experience the unique architectural features of this Wingdale house in the design development phase of the project, perspective renderings illustrate the siting of the building and the views of the facades both from the uphill and downhill side of the steeply wooded hillside.

house on boulder mesa

Siting Study

rites of passage: 1995 – 2009 exhibition

Anik’s metal and resin sculpture The Carcass was exhibited at the “Rites of Passage: 1995 – 2009” exhibition at the gallery of The Cooper Union’s acclaimed 41 Cooper Square building.

greenhouse pool building in maine

For the design development phase of this sustainable greenhouse pool building in Maine, Anik produced watercolours illustrating different decorative schemes and colors to help the client choose between exterior materials.