Anik Pearson Architect effortlessly merges modern living concepts with a distinctive range of architectural and decorative styles.

Anik Pearson Architect, P.C. is one of only a handful of woman-owned architecture offices in the country, operating in NYC since 2001. It has been involved in over a hundred new constructions and renovations. The firm is constantly adding new apartments, single-family residences, country estates, residential interiors, and institutional works to its diverse portfolio. Their work effortlessly merges modern living concepts with a distinctive range of architectural and decorative styles and is drawing audiences into design, lifestyle, and professional circles.

The firm’s work is widely recognized for its meticulously crafted buildings aspiring for sophistication and permanence, and thoughtful project planning designed to reduce the project’s ecological footprint and impact on the environment’s finite resources. The projects have been widely featured in national and international publications and have earned them the Lucy G. Moses Preservation Award from the New York Landmarks Conservancy, for the preservation of St Stephen’s United Methodist Church, located in Marble Hill. The firm has earned Interior Design’s Best in Design acclaims, has been named one of LUXE Magazine’s 2018 “Builders of Dreams,” and made the 2019 Luxe Gold List as an Honoree of Architecture.

The firm’s design approach is to draw from the best historical traditions while applying principles of sustainability and enhanced building performance. The design process is infused with collaborative enthusiasm, sophisticated aesthetic sensibility, vibrant visualizations, and the practice of marrying time-honored craftsmanship with modern technology. Each project is an opportunity to propose innovative solutions that exceed client goals and regulatory standards.

Working closely in partnership with the client, being methodical, and dedicating her personal attention to every project, Anik brings clarity and predictability to the process. She is happiest when she can help her clients achieve the most value for their budget, large or small. Her dedicated team listens to the clients’ goals and excels in finding opportunities to ensure that every inch of the property is enhanced to its fullest potential. Their knowledge of the trade is extremely thorough. Drawings and specifications are meticulously assembled, which enables the coordination process to take place well in advance, saving each client valuable time and expense during construction. With resourcefulness and creative talent, the team proves repeatedly and consistently that projects don’t have to be wildly expensive to be spectacular.

Anik Pearson Principal, AIA, LEED AP

The daughter of European artisans, Anik Pearson was raised in an environment where craft, science, and art were seamlessly intertwined. After graduating valedictorian of her class at The Cooper Union, Anik earned her license as soon as she was eligible and started her firm at the young age of 29. She has since blazed a path in architecture with a wide range of achievements, a stunning portfolio of work, and quiet confidence. She approaches each project with meticulous study and uses a variety of methods for design investigation; hand drawing, watercolours, photography, and research on historical precedent to arrive at design solutions that are singular in their approach yet proven to withstand the test of time. She brings an artist’s creative edge and the rigor of an organized structure to each project. Anik’s ability to mix modern and classical elements in a sophisticated way enables designs that are not limited to any style or period.

In addition to being an Architect and business owner, Anik is proficient at freehand drawing, photography, sculpture, and martial arts. She has been leading efforts to support women in architecture through the Mentoring Women in Architecture (MWA), as well as architecture students at the Cooper Union through the creation of the endowed Sue Ferguson Gussow Scholarship.

She is a member of the AIA, a certified LEED AP, a former Certified WBE business owner, and is currently an appointed State Board Member and Vice-Chair of the New York State Board for Architecture, Office of the Professions.

Construction can look intimidating or complex, but I simply see it as a puzzle waiting to be solved. As with any game of strategy, I am driven by the challenge of finding all viable paths to a solution. No problem has a singular outcome, and there is absolutely no need to leave anything to chance. The key to a successful project, is to draw from an arsenal of tools and to assemble a skilled team, working together toward the best possible results. What brings me utmost satisfaction is to help clients achieve their ultimate goals. My purpose is to guide them through the process competently, efficiently, and beautifully from initial concept to final completion.


Anik relies on science to suffuse durability and permanence in all project planning. Approaching the selection of materials and methodologies with an analytic lens, she successfully persuades clients and the project teams around the nation to improve upon established codes and standards, to extend the longevity of buildings for their entire life cycle regardless of the initial construction budget, geographic location, or structure’s historic significance, and therefore works to reduce the project’s ecological footprint and impact on the environment’s finite resources.

An exhibited artist as well as an architect, Anik uses freehand drawing in her practice to reliably achieve consensus and influence stakeholders’ decisions. Employing attractive hand renderings, she repeatedly and reliably wins over regulatory committees to approve potentially contentious proposals for changes to civic fabric that will not only benefit the user but also the wider community.


Anik Pearson, Principal at Anik Pearson Architect P.C., Nancy Kleppel, Principal at Nancy Kleppel Consulting, and Angelique Pierre, RA, invite young women in the profession of architecture to engage in conversations with experienced female professionals on a myriad of successful career trajectories. Each event will feature two inspiring women working in architecture and each will speak to a different focus – from starting your own practice to finding the right type of practice for you, to balancing the profession and family life. In these conversations, we will share stories, share tools, provide support and establish relationships among all attendees with the goal of ensuring young women in architecture stay encouraged and stay on course to thrive in the profession.

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